YvettaFedorova created an illustration for Boston Globe Review of the new Zadie Smith book ‘Rag Time”



Animation created for New York Children Museum video, designed by Huba team



Coloring wall paper “Brighton Dames” for an exhibit-installation “Coauthor” curated by Katya Bochavar.

Coloring wall paper “Brighton Dames”

Yvetta Fedorova illustrated a story for Amherst magazine winter issue



Yvetta Fedorova’s illustration for Boston Globe op-ed page

As the Civil Rights Act reaches the big 5-0, it’s prudent to reflect on discrimination, inequality, and the racial divide that is still very much a part of our national debate.

Yvetta Fedorova illustrated Ru Freeman’s story “The Folks At Moe’s Diner” for Reader’s digest

Yvetta Fedorova illustrated a story for New You Magazine

Yvetta Fedorova’s illustration for Reader’s Digest Magazine

some of Yvetta Fedorova’s “Karina and me” strips were published in Stripolis Magazine.

Branko Djukic invited me to collaborate into this wonderful comic anthology from Serbia. The book is wonderful, with people from all arround the world including great illustrators such as Rich Veich or Vittorio Giardino.

second in the series of illustrations Yvetta Fedorova created for New You Magazine

We have firsthand accounts from meditation experts such as the director of the Shambhala Mountain Center, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and physicians who have used mindfulness practice to bring remarkable results to patients who suffer from cancer and other serious diseases.


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